Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Saying Goodbye to O'Chiese

Flat Stanley said his goodbyes to students today...luckily he gets to travel back to Victoria with a Flat Connar and a Flat Shyana...I wonder what adventures they will get up to???

A BIG THANK-YOU to Connar and Shyana for their help and introducing Flat Stanley to OCFN.

Fishing and Horses

Fishing and Horses

One of the things that Flat Stanley has noticed is how amazing it is to see the wild horses at O'Chiese:

Flat Stanley also had the chance to go fishing near O'Chiese First Nation at Twin Lakes Provincial Park. He hooked a small trout, but it got off his line before he could reel it in :( He got lessons from Indi's Uncle Pita on how to fish, but no luck!

Twin Lakes, Alberta

Important places at O'Chiese First Nation

Connar and Shyana take Flat Stanley around O'Chiese First Nation

Today we went around the OCFN to visit important places. 

First we went to the store. It is also a gas station. It sells snacks and drinks. If we want more things we need to drive to Rocky Mountain House which is about 45 minutes away.

The nation is building a new grocery store and it should be open soon. Then we can get what we need right here!

Health Centre

The second place we visited was the health centre. For big emergencies we go to the hospital in town.

Powwow Ceremonial Grounds 

A very special place that was our next stop was the Powwow ceremonial grounds. 
Grand Entry from the 2015 Powwow

The big building is the arbor where the dances take place. Connar and Shyana don't dance but they like to watch. 

Some types of dances are: buckskin, traditional, grass, fancy, jingle, tiny tots and chicken.

Flat Stanley at the Powwow grounds.
You can also see the frame for a teepee. These are where people stay at a powwow, it's where they camp. 

The stands at the baseball diamonds
This is our brand new baseball diamonds. We have tournaments here!
Flat Stanley plays a quick game of baseball at the new diamonds.

Finally we went to the band office, this is our place of government. We have a chief and council that are elected by all the members of the nation. Our Chief's name is Chief Darren Whitford. 

Chief and Council O'Chiese First Nation

Monday, 18 April 2016

Flat Stanley goes to Grade 3!

Flat Stanley had his first visit to the Grade 3 class at O'Chiese First Nation School. There he met the teacher, Ms. Vanderlei and some of her students.

He learned that they have different subjects like Math, English, Social Studies, Science, PE, Music and Health. They also have a local instructor come in to teach them the language of their community which is called Saulteaux (pronounced so-toe) .

He learned to say thank-you in Saulteaux...hei hei!

He also met Connar and Shyana who are going to take him around to important places on O'Chiese First Nation.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

The adventure to begin...check back in April!

Flat Stanley is going to go for a visit at O'Chiese First Nation. O'Chiese First Nation is in Alberta, about 1100 km from Victoria.

He will visit the Grade 3 class at O'Chiese First Nation School and spend some time getting to know Connor and Shyana.

Check back in April to find out about his adventures in Alberta!